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Introducing the Super Pug Tee, the perfect combination of quirky humor and iconic superhero style. This premium cotton t-shirt features a playful twist on the classic Superman logo, with a pug replacing the famous "S." The vibrant colors and bold design make this shirt a standout addition to any casual wardrobe. Whether you're a pug enthusiast, comic book fan, or just love a good laugh, the Super Pug Tee is sure to bring a smile to your face. Available in a range of sizes, this tee is perfect for men, women, and even kids who want to unleash their inner superhero with a canine twist. Add a touch of whimsy to your everyday look with the Super Pug Tee - because who wouldn't want a pug with superpowers on their chest?

Super Pug Tee

Colour: White
  • Size Guide

    XS 34/36"

    S 36/38"

    M 38/40"

    L 41/43"

    XL 43/45"

    2XL 46/47"

    3XL 48/50"

    4XL 51/54

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